About the Work

Crafting elegance and functionality through time-honoured techniques.


The ceramics of the Far East, particularly those influenced by the philosophy of wabi sabi, serve as an inspiration for simplicity rather than intricacy. These ceramics embrace imperfections and celebrate the natural beauty of raw materials. By focusing on minimalism and a less-is-more approach, they bring a sense of calmness and tranquility to their surroundings. The use of earthy clay tones as well as blue sea tones enhances the connection with nature, creating a harmonious balance between form and function. As a result, I hope these ceramics capture a timeless elegance that goes beyond trends and fads. They remind us to appreciate the beauty in imperfections and to find joy in simplicity.

Each item is made using clay from St. Agnes in Cornwall in small batches on the potters' wheel. The forms are carefully considered to express a functional simplicity and to show off the carefully selected glazes.

Firing in a gas kiln enhances efficiency whilst imparting unique reduction effects. Biscuit firing at 1000°C precedes glazing at 1280°C, yielding durable, dishwasher-safe pieces that blend beauty and utility. This process integrates aesthetics and functionality seamlessly.